American German Business Club Wiesbaden & Mainz

President's Welcome Message


Dear members and friends of our AGBC Wiesbaden - Mainz,


A warm welcome to our website, set up to inform about our objectives and achievements and to provide up to date information about our events. At times where long established links and mutual understandings seem to dissolve at great speed, our basic objective to provide a forum for exchange about transatlantic issues for business oriented Americans, Germans and others interested in a lively exchange about these issues is gaining in importance.


Together, we need to reassure our personal experience, relationships, accumulated knowledge and the mental landscapes built upon both, using them to keep and develop resources for critical assessment of current problems and productive proposals to overcome them on local, national and global levels.


Our club events with their particular mixture of information, debate, sociability and networking provide ample opportunity to draw on and develop those resources.


Looking forward to welcoming you personally at one of our next events.



Dr. Ingeborg Cleve



AGBC Wiesbaden – Mainz 

Board Statement                                                    Wiesbaden, 2020 06 09
The extended board of the American German Business Club Wiesbaden Mainz and the members of the American German Civic Forum express their support of the broad movement of citizens using their legitimate rights to peaceful gatherings in public, demanding justice for George Floyd and for all victims of racial injustice, wherever they suffer, . 
We  believe that each person deserves to be recognized and respected for our common humanity and for the distinct qualities that make every one of us unique, regardless of race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, abilities, wealth and educational background, or any other point of human difference. 
We stand by our charter to seek and understand the cultural similarities and differences between our countries, piercing through prejudices to embrace and know people as individuals.
Dr. Ingeborg Cleve
AGBC Wiesbaden - Mainz