American German Business Club Wiesbaden & Mainz

President's Welcome Message


Dear members and friends of our AGBC Wiesbaden - Mainz,


It is an honor for me to be elected the new president of our club. I hope to help the club continue to be a catalyst for our members to make important connections within the business community and especially American and German relationships. As we move forward together over the next year, we will prioritize our events around three main types of activities:

1. Business Connections and Networking Events for member business enrichment

2. Outreach to Wiesbaden and Mainz Schools and Universities to encourage and support business-oriented student and their connections with business, startups and entrepreneurial/innovation programs

3. Cultural and Social Enrichment for our American-German to further deepen our relationships with the community

As we also look at our club positions and leadership, we realize we will need membership involvement and the willingness to participate in leading roles in the year ahead. We will have formal positions established for Business Outreach Directors (Wiesbaden and Mainz), Student Outreach Directors (Schools and Universities), and Cultural Outreach Directors (Wiesbaden and Mainz).

I hope you can see these as valuable and will lend your support and energy to these events and volunteer for these roles, helping us develop many of the events through the contributions of your ideas and personal connections. Our goal is to grow and sustain our club membership by making it an organization that gives back to the community while also being an enriching and rewarding organization for you- our members.

Dave Pendall


AGBC Wiesbaden-Mainz



Wiesbaden, 2022 03 25

Please help us in our efforts to reduce the suffering of the courageous Ukrainian people who are fighting for the democracy and freedom of all of us. You can do this by making a contribution to the following club account: 
DE30 5105 0015 0111 2743 46  Please indicate keyword “Ukraine” 
All contributors will receive an official, tax-deductible receipt. Your support is greatly appreciated.
David Pendall 
President of the American-German Business Club Wiesbaden-Mainz

Board Statement                                                    Wiesbaden, 2020 06 09
The extended board of the American German Business Club Wiesbaden Mainz and the members of the American German Civic Forum express their support of the broad movement of citizens using their legitimate rights to peaceful gatherings in public, demanding justice for George Floyd and for all victims of racial injustice, wherever they suffer, . 
We  believe that each person deserves to be recognized and respected for our common humanity and for the distinct qualities that make every one of us unique, regardless of race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, abilities, wealth and educational background, or any other point of human difference. 
We stand by our charter to seek and understand the cultural similarities and differences between our countries, piercing through prejudices to embrace and know people as individuals.
Dr. Ingeborg Cleve
AGBC Wiesbaden - Mainz