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Information about major American German business clubs may be found here:


Working and studying in Frankfurt


For newcomers: A good website to start with:



A quick way to find temporary accomodation

Find a furnished apartment in Wiesdaden, Mainz and in the RheinMain area:


Getting around in the RheinMain area

How to get around in the Frankfurt RheinMain region:

A forum for expats in the Frankfurt RheinMain area:


A website dedicated to expats with information on cultural events in the area:


Tourist Information & Tickets:




Shop, Wine and Dine

A marketplace for each and everything:

Wine & dine Rheingau:

Wine & dine Rheinhessen:


Museums & Exhibitions:

Landesmuseum Wiesbaden:

Landesmuseum Mainz:

Gutenbergmuseum Mainz: Celebrating the invention of print:


Wiesbaden has a lively visual arts scene and a lot of private galleries with high-class paintings and sculpture. The "Short Night of Museums  and Galleries", taking place in spring, offers the best opportunity to get a comprehensive overview. Start googling in March and check for posters in the city.


The "Kunstarche" has been set up as a haven for works of art created by local artists. They run a showroom, organize exhibitions and offer quality artwork on sale. 



Staatstheater Wiesbaden:

Staatstheater Mainz:

Check their programs for ballet, music and other performances if you like entertainment but feel unsure about German language


Velvets Theater Wiesbaden:

A magical mix of puppet theater and pantomime with spectacular light effets.


WELT Theater in Wiesbaden:

Kryptonite Radio Theater in Wiesbaden:

Streulicht Theater in Schornsheim Village/ Rheinhessen:

English-speaking semi-professional theaters with enthusiastic actors and very interesting programs.


Places of interest for the American expat community

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Books galore

A well-kept travel library in Wiesbaden:

Buch-Café Nero39: A cozy bookstore & café with a very well chosen selection of Books in English and German language: